Service Auction

This year’s service auction directly supports the children of the Women in Recovery (WIR) participants.

Eighty-five percent of the females incarcerated in Oklahoma are mothers. Research has shown that the children with imprisoned mothers are more likely to be abused, engage in criminal behavior, experiment with drugs and end up in prison themselves.

WIR, in partnership with the George Kaiser Family Foundation, works to break the cycle of intergeneration incarceration through family unification therapy, child trauma therapy, school support services, parent education, juvenile court advocacy, parent-child visitation, links to quality child care and after-school services, caregiver assistance, and legal services.

The goal is to ensure that every child has a nurturing, healthy parent. To date, 1,223 children have been impacted by the program.

The results speak for themselves:

95% of WIR mothers have contact with their children

100% of children participating in the program are enrolled in school (some children had been out of school for up to 3 years).

98% of clients successfully reunified with children with help navigating the DHS juvenile court system

Your gift will go to help reunify families and provide opportunities for children, breaking the cycle of generational incarceration.